The Broadbean Add-on for the WP Job Manager WordPress plugin allows jobs posted via Broadbean to appear as a job listing with your other jobs.

Easily integrate Broadbean job posting with your existing WordPress install using the WP Job Manager plugin.

Add-on Features


The add-on fully integrates with the WP Job Manager plugin including if you have additional fields and taxonomies associated with your jobs. It also integrates with the applications add-on if installed.


The plugin is built with extensibility from the ground up. This allows develop to make changes, add fields, remove taxonomies and much much more, without breaking the plugin itself. It is developer friendly for sure.

Sample XML & Instructions

The plugin comes with a sample XML file which Broadbean can be used to build a feed to your website running the add-on. There is also instructions included on how the data should be sent for each field. We can also assist you here if necessary.

Support & Updates

Your annual licensing gives you access to our expert plugin support as well as updates for the plugin throughout the course of your active license period.