The WP Broadbean plugin allows you to easily integrate Broadbean job posting with a WordPress website.

Allow jobs posted via Broadbean to easily appear on your WordPress website as well as having applicants apply for jobs on your site. Application also get tracked through Broadbean to appear with applications from other sources.

What is Included?

Display Jobs from Broadbean

The plugin accepts jobs from Broadbean software (Broadbean need to build a feed for you) so that they appear like other posts and pages on your website. These can be styled to match your themes design.

Track all Applications Together

Applicants can apply for jobs directly on your WordPress website and their application is passed back to the Broadbean software so you can track it with all your applicants from other sources. Everything in one place, nice and easy.


The plugin is built with extensibility from the ground up. This allows develop to make changes, add fields, remove taxonomies and much much more, without breaking the plugin itself. It is developer friendly for sure.


The WordPress Broadbean plugin is free and open source. It is available on the plugin repository and you can get involved with contributions via Github.